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Flame Retardant Warning Reflective Tape
Flame Retardant Warning Reflective Tape
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  • Permanent flame retardant warning reflective tape fluo yellow (twill)
  • Reflective coefficient: >400CPL
  • Standards: EN 471, ANSI107, EN 469 and EN 533
  • Backing material: 100% M-aramid (Nomex)
  • Total thickness: 400 micron
  • Colors: yellow-silver-yellow
  • Certifications: EN 471/ANSI107 60°C at 25 cycles ISO 6330, EN 471/ANSI107 15 cycles ISO 3175
  • High flame retardant and heat resistance
  • Applications: ideal for working fields of fire protection, electrical system
  • You can contact us for more latest detail information, such as size chart, packing information, FOB price or any question interest to you.
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